About Us

How does ebd work?

After consulting with  you on you requirements and objectives, and understanding your current business model we will get to work and research new clients. After vetting these potential clients with you, we will contact them, follow up and work to convince them to become your client and join your existing sales network. At this point you will take over and follow the development of the client through your own sales personnel.

Should you wish we can assist you during an initial transition period to ensure the new client becomes familiar with your business environment.


In today’s business world manufacturers often work on a B2B basis, when distribution outlets or agents are unnecessary choosing to sell directly to end users. Let ebd help you find these clients.


We will consult with you on you requirements and objective, As a manufacturer you may need to source new suppliers of raw materials, manufacturing sub-contractors or parts to insert into your supply chain to lower costs, improve quality, to build new products.

As an importer or distributor you may want to source more products to add to your current range or replace existing non performing products with a more competitive brand.

After vetting these potential suppliers with you, we will contact them, follow up and  endeavour to convince them to accept your conditions and become one of your suppliers. At this point you will follow the development and performance level of the supplier. Of course we will assist you through an initial transition period should this be required.